Creating Lists in Word

Everyone loves making lists. In Word 2010,  you can quickly add bullets or numbers to existing lines of text to create lists, or Word can automatically create lists as you type. learn how to create lists in Word with this handy how-to guide.

Creating and Sorting Lists in Microsoft Word 2010 

Formatting Columns in Word

Columns are used in many types of documents, but are most commonly used in newspapers, magazines, academic journals, and newsletters. Practice your intermediate Word  formatting skills with this column how-to guide and practice exercise. 

Formatting columns in Word 2010


Cut and Paste

Bring yourself back to the Roaring 20's with this cutting and pasting exercise.


Cut and Paste

The 1920's - Prosperity and Its Demise

Use CUT and PASTE to arrange a timeline in chronological order.


1923-March-Time Magazine is published for the first time.