Intermediate PowerPoint Exercise

 Do you want to go a little crazy with PowerPoint? Learn how to use transitions and animations to create a dynamics story, but first, teach a ball to bounce!

Intermediate PowerPoint Exercise
Follow the Bouncing Ball!
1. Create a new PPT presentation
2. Keep the Title Slide, and add 4 new slides
3. Title: Bouncing Ball
4. Using the master slide feature, change the font of the entire presentation
5. In the Transitions Tab
a. Add a transition, with
i. A noise
ii. Timing set to advance automatically every 5 seconds
iii. Apply to all slides
6. Using the Insert Tab, add to second slide;

a. A circle

i. Rotate it, shade it and add a drop shadow
7. Add the same circle to the next 2 slides
8. In the first slide, add multiple curved motion path animations to make it bounce across the screen and off the
a. **Bonus Points, change the height of the arc
9. In the second slide, do the same. Have the ball start off screen and bounce across off the edge
10. In the 3rd Slide, find the bounce motion path, under more motion paths and stretch it to bounce off the screen
11. Add the following titles to the slides
a. Slide 1 – Hey Ball, Get Outta here!
b. Slide 2 – Move it along!
c. Slide 3 – That’s right! Out!
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