Types of Resumes

Chronological Resumes
A Chronological Resume lists work experience starting with the writer’s most recent position, 
and working back to the beginning of their work experience. It’s good for demonstrating work 
experience and a career trajectory, especially if the job seeker is looking for a position in the 
same field. 
Functional Resumes
Functional Resumes concentrate on skills and abilities. They are best used for job seekers with 
a lot of experience, and can be used for job seekers looking to change careers. The emphasis 
on skills rather than time and lets the job seeker make a case for themselves as a value add to 
the company.
Combination Resumes
As a mix of a chronological and functional resume, the Combination Resume can be the best of 
both worlds. IT allows the job seeker to emphasize both their skills and abilities, and the 
reliability of solid work experience.
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