Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Cheat Sheet

Master the basics of using PowerPoint to create awesome presentations with this Cheat Sheet!

Beginners PowerPoint Cheat Sheet
Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentations program consisting of a series of slides that visually outlines
information for presenters.
Example: Business presentation, sales pitch, photo album, lectures, school projects, and much more. 
1. Title Bar- This bar by default has a title and it is called “Presentation1” until the file is saved and
2. Quick Access Toolbar- Instant access to commonly used commands.
3. Ribbon- A list of commands sharing a similar functionality stored in 9 different tabs.
4. Slide- A slide is an electronic page positioned in landscape orientation.
5. Placeholder- A placeholder is a box with a dotted outline, designed for the placement of
 content, mainly text.
6. Slide Layout- This command offers options on setting up the placement of placeholders.
7. Slides Pane- This area holds a thumbnail version of the actual slides in the presentation.
8. Outline Pane- This is an alternative area to enter text besides slides.
9. Notes Area/ Speaker Notes- This area can be used as a reference or reminder for the presenter.


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