Formatting Columns in Word

Columns are used in many types of documents, but are most commonly used in newspapers, magazines, academic journals, and newsletters. Practice your intermediate Word  formatting skills with this column how-to guide and practice exercise. 

Formatting columns in Word 2010




1. Select the text you want to format.
2. Click the Page Layout tab.
3. Click the Columns command. A drop-down menu will appear. 
4. Select the number of columns you would like to insert. The text will then format into columns.
5. If you want to remove the columns, just click the Columns command and select one for the number of columns.

Column Breaks:
Once you've created columns, the text will automatically flow from one column to the next. Sometimes, though, you might want to control exactly where each column begins. You can do this by creating column breaks.
To Add Column Breaks:
1. Place the insertion point where you would like to add the break.
2. Click the Page Layout tab.
3. Click the Breaks command in the Page Setup group. A drop-down menu will appear.
4. Select Column from the list of break types.


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