How to build a professional Profile on LinkedIn

How you word and format your LinkedIn profile can be the difference between being contacted or not. Use these tips to make a dynamic, accurate profile that will get you noticed in the crowd.


How to Build a Professional Profile

Your LinkedIn profile represents your definitive professional image on the Web and is discoverable through millions of searches on LinkedIn or from search engines like Google.

1. Headline

Your profile headline gives people a short, memorable way to understand who you are in a professional context. Think of the headline as the slogan for your professional brand.

2. Background: Summary and Specialties

A good summary should outline what your professional niche is while highlighting your unique skills and specialties. Always open with a personal positioning statement that lays out who you are, what key skills you provide, and a unique differentiator. Specialties” is the place to include key words and phrases that a recruiter or hiring manager might type into a search engine to find a person like you. The best place to find relevant keywords is in the job listings that appeal to you and the LinkedIn profiles of people who currently hold the kinds of positions you want.


Use the Experience section to outline the role and responsibilities of jobs you’ve had in your career. Augment a basic description of your roles and responsibilities by highlighting your key successes and by adding quantitative results.

4. Skills and Expertise

List transferable, tangible skills that are marketable: skills are particular abilities or things you do well—do not list character traits, like “gets along well with others”. Use concrete skills, like “bilingual”, or “proficient in Microsoft Office Suite”.

5. Education

Be sure to include information about all institutions you’ve attended. Include your major and minor if you have one, as well as highlights of your activities. It’s also appropriate to include study abroad programs and summer institutes. Your LinkedIn profile is an appropriate place to show off your strong GPA and any honors or awards you’ve won.

6. Additional Info: Interest, Personal Details, Honors and Awards,

You can list the following: interests, links to blogs or websites, languages you speak, organizations you belong to, publications, certifications, patents, courses, or volunteering/causes . You must be in editing mode to access this on your profile.




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