What's the difference between a post and a status update again? Learn the terms you need to navigate Facebook and you'll be posting photos of your breakfast in no time!


Post - An entry (update, comment, etc.) on Facebook

Status Update - A single idea, concisely stated that reflects your current feelings or circumstances. You can share you status on your wall and your follower’s news feed.

Home Page - First page your see after logging into Facebook. Acts like a desktop giving an overview of activity and updates as well as links to other pages.

Profile Page -  Displays user/organization’s personalized information as well as interactions with others.

Tab - Marks different section within a profile.

News feed - the center column of your home page, is a constantly updating list of stories from people and pages that follow on Facebook. The stream shows you posts from your friend in real-time.

Wall - A featured section inside a Facebook profile; found on every user’s profile page and allows friends and users themselves to post messages for all to see.

Tagging - Marking a photo, video or post with a text that identifies the image or the person.

Application - small programs that are added to a Facebook account to enhance the user’s experience through games or features.

Event - A calendar- based resource that users can add to their profiles, pages and groups that lets them share news about upcoming affairs, school or public events.

Fan - A person who joins a page because they like who or what the page represents.   

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