Important Keys on the Keyboard

You know all about the letter keys on the keyboard, but what about those other keys? Download this guide to see what you can do with the Tab, Shift, and Ctrl keys!

Important Keys on the Keyboard!

The Backspace key erases letters and numbers to the LEFT of the cursor. If you hold it down, it will move quickly.

The Delete key Use it to erase or delete letters and numbers to the RIGHT of the cursor.

The Enter key Use it to enter a command or to go down a line in a document.

The Caps lock  changes letters from lower case (small) to CAPITAL (big) letters. Press it once and it will stay on.

The Shift key changes letters from lower case (small) to CAPITAL (big) letters. Hold it down while you type the letter. It also lets you type the symbols above the numbers, like the $ sign above the 4.

The Arrow keys let you move up and down or sideways.