Microsoft Excel Cheat Sheet

It's not cheating if you just need a reminder. Refresh your recollection with this cheat sheet.

Microsoft Excel Cheat Sheet: Basic Functions 

Rows, Columns, Cells

  • Row: a horizontal space accompanied by numbers
  • Column: a vertical space accompanied by letters.
  • Cell: The intersections between the Row and Column.
  • Cell Address: the name we give a cell, consists of the Row number and the column letter

Merge and Center Cells

  • Select the Cells you want to merge
  • In the Alignment group of the Home tab, click the “merge and center” icon 
Adding Borders
  • In the Font group of the Home tab, click on the icon with four squares 
Shading Rows
1. Select the rows you want to shade
2. In the Font group in the Home TAB, click on the icon with the bucket spilling blue paint
3. Choose a color
Inserting a Table
1. Input all of your data
2. Select the range of inputted data
3. In the Insert tab, click on the table command
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