Bookmarking Handout Internet Explorer

Bookmarking on Internet Explorer

Bookmarks can be incredibly useful for easily accessing websites you visit often, and saving websites you would like to return to. This handout will show you how to create and organize bookmarks in Internet Explorer.

1. Launch Internet Explorer on your computer. Go to the 'Favorites' heading at the top of the browser window.

2. Click on 'Add to Favorites.' This will bookmark the Web page you are currently on. You can do this with any Web page you visit that you wish to save. Once you have right clicked on the menu bar to display the bookmarks toolbar, you can simply click the add to favorites icon on the toolbar.

3. Organize your bookmarks—Go to the 'Favorites' heading again and click on 'Organize Favorites.' This will give you the opportunity to create categories for your bookmarks.

4. Click 'New Folder' to make a folder for a category of bookmarks. You can name this folder anything you like.

5. Manage your bookmarks—when you add a new Web site to your bookmarks and want it to be placed in a particular category, click on 'Favorites,' then 'Add to Favorites.' You will then select the category for your bookmark from the drop-down menu. Click the 'Add' button when you have made your selection.

6. Move, rename or delete your bookmark categories—this is another way in which you can manage your bookmarks. Click on 'Favorites,' then 'Organize Favorites.' You can then use the buttons provided to move bookmarks from one category to another, rename bookmarks or categories or delete them.