Advanced Internet Practice Exercises

Ready to take your internet skills a bit farther? Use these exercises to stretch past just searching Google and get to the point where you can really find what you are looking for.


Advanced Internet Exercises 
Exercise A: Search Engines and Online Forms
1. Search for Aer Lingus on Google
2. Choose the first link you see which is named Cheap Flights (
3. Then click on the contact link. Write down the phone # to call here in the U.S.
4. Afterwards click on the home link and find price tickets to Dublin. Choose the following:
  • One way flight
  • In the TO section, type : Dublin
  • Choose any date 
  • Click the Book Now button
Exercise B: Address Bar & Links
1. On the address bar, type:
2. Click on the MAPS link
3. Click on the Individual Subway Line Maps link
4. Click on the letter N
5. Find the last stop of that subway line
Exercise C: Current Events, Pictures, and Copy/Paste 
1. Using Google, find a top story (search News) OR find an image of a monkey (search images)
2. In a Word document, paste the picture OR the title of the news story and one sentence about the story.
Exercise D: Find directions
1. Use Google (Maps) to find public transportation directions from Queens Library to your home.
2. The library address is 89-11 Merrick blvd. Jamaica, NY 11432
Exercise E: Google Translate
1. Use Google translate to translate this “Explore los fundamentos de las computadoras” into English
Exercise F: Find a Job 
1. Find a job posting for an Administrative Assistant in New York, New York on
2. Show it to the instructor
Exercise G: Web Pages
1. Go to
2. Go to the Books page by clicking on this link: