Internet Vocabulary

Internet Vocabulary

Browser, broadband, what? Get started using the internet by understanding the terms around it.


1. Internet: The internet is a large number of computers connected to each other via high speed lines.

2. Broadband: Broadband is a method of connecting to the internet in a faster way.

3. World Wide Web: A collection of internet sites from all over the world that offer text, graphics, sound and animation resources through the hypertext transfer protocol.

4. Browser: It is a program that lets you navigate the internet.

5. Website: A collection of "pages" on the World Wide Web that provides all kinds of information.

6. Website Address: The name of a specific website.

7. Address Bar: A long bar where a website address is always typed.

8. Link: A method of moving between one website page to another without typing the website address.

9. Hand Cursor: This cursor indicates a link is on display and can be clicked on. 

10. Enter key: This key will allow entrance to a website.

11. Extension:

This is the last part of a website address and indicates the content and purpose of a web page.



12. Search engine:

A program where keywords are typed to find all kinds of information on the internet.

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