Internet Basics Practice

Internet Practice Exercises for Intro to Internet class

Ready to try out your new internet skills? Work through these exercises to practice.

Intro to Internet Practice Exercises 

Exercise A: Search Engine
1. Google “Mexican restaurants queens ny”
2. Click on a link to one restaurant
3. Write down the name and address of the restaurant.
Exercise B: Address Bar & Links
1. In the address bar, type:, then hit the enter key to go to the website
2. Click on the MAPS link
3. Click on the Individual Subway Line Maps link
4. Click on the letter N
5. Find the last stop of that subway line
6. Click on subway line you are not too familiar with and find its last stop
Exercise C: Search Box
1. In the address bar type the following:
2. In the Search Box located on the upper right side of the window, type: Romare Bearden and then press ENTER
3. Click on the first link named THE BLOCK and find the gallery this painting is located at. 
Exercise D: Images
1. Click on the IMAGES link
2. Type in the search box: Google logo
3. Right-Click and copy the chosen image
4. Open Microsoft Word and paste it on the document
Exercise E: News
1. Click on the NEWS link
2. Find some interesting news about the Google logo or just Google
3. Copy a few sentences and paste it on your word document